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Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Trainer

  1. Be on time: Showing up to your training sessions late can be a waste of both your and your trainer's time. The session plan may not be able to completed as planned and may have negative effects on your results, you may also not be getting full value for your money as you may end up with shorter sessions.

  2. Come ready to train: Not being ready to train could be another time-waster for you and your trainer. Therefore show up to every session with your water bottle filled and ready to go along with being properly fueled for the session in front of you.

  3. Limit talking: While talking is a great way to build a relationship with your trainer once you are mid-session and getting some work done a conversation can be a distraction from your training and can potentially derail the entire session. So stay focused and save the chit-chat for after the session.

  4. Stay Focused: To stay on track with your goals, staying focused during a session is key. Distractions like phones, other members, and sometimes even your trainer, need to be mentally blocked out so that you can give as much to the session as you can in order to achieve your goals.

  5. Eat Healthily: Even the best trainer in the world won't be able to compensate for a bad diet. Getting the best results possible will come down to the discipline you show outside the gym.

  6. Discuss any concerns: If you arent enjoying certain aspects of your training program, certain exercises are causing you pain, or your not seeing the results you want, make it known to your trainer. Once you tell them they will be able to adapt your training plan and address any of your concerns.

  7. Be Honest: “How was your nutrition this weekend?” Your trainer is likely to ask you about how everything is going outside the gym. While it may be tempting to lie, honesty is the best policy if you have let your diet slip.

  8. Don't complain or make excuses: “I can't do it” or “that’s too heavy” are not things trainers like to hear. It shows a lack of effort, the wrong mindset, and a lack of trust in your trainer. Instead, try it and if there is an exercise you really can’t do your trainer will understand and give you an alternative that you can do.

  9. Trust your trainer: Your trainer may suggest new ideas and techniques that you may not have heard of or tried before when working toward your goals. However, just because it's a new idea doesn't mean it won't work. So be open to your trainer's thoughts and ideas that are new or old because they just want the best for you.

  10. Work hard: Training at a reduced effort is only going to slow down your progress toward your goals, so make sure every time you step into the gym you work hard and push yourself out of your comfort zone because that is what will get you to the goals you want to reach.


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