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The Power of Reflection

When we make mistakes, we must learn from them. This is something we all know and some practice. When we succeed, we must remember what we did well and repeat the process. This is something most of us know and even less of us practice.

In both instances, reflection is key to making each experience better than the last if not, at the very least, as pleasurable as the last. Now, the question is, how many of us actually practice conscious reflection on a daily basis? Whether the reflection be for gratitude or learning purposes, if practiced, we can progress in every and any area of life. We can progress at work, relationships, sports, financially, emotionally, spiritually and so on.

This is a practice that was drilled into me all my life unknowingly. From playing soccer as a youngster by replaying the game in my head, to teaching to personal training, reflection was and is a tool I've used to attempt to avoid insanity. (Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result).

A few weeks back, I met a gentleman that shared with me something he does daily, as it relates to reflection. He reflects on the day before and finds the lesson that stood out most to him. He then sends that message to his immediate circle without fail. I asked to join his list and he graciously added me. Every day for the last 3 weeks, he has sent me an individualized, positive message for the day.

So, I decided I'm going to borrow this idea, only I would use social media to share my reflection instead of personally messaging my inner circle. (It's the best I can do for now. Don't judge me!!!)

The wonderful thing I've found about this process of reflection is, no matter the situation or circumstance, the lesson is always a positive one. A process of progress not perfection and if I can positively influence one person by posting my reflection on social media then both of us win. I'm able to identify my character defects, find the lesson to be learned.

For example:

"Greatness is achieved one small step at a time. Trust the process."

Don't rush. Just do the next right thing.

"Today is yesterdays tomorrow. Stop procrastinating and take action."

Live right now

"It's the silence between the notes that makes the music. Dedicate time to embrace the silence."

Meditate. Go within

"Every single person can be your teacher if you look for the lesson, but you must be humble."

Look for yourself in each person. Empathize.

So, I invite you to give reflection a try and write each one down. Share it with someone and maybe make that person day/week/life a little better.


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