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The Importance of Balance Training

Why do we teach balance in our training methods?

Balance is an important factor in all functional movement. It helps posture, neuromuscular connectivity, muscular balance, stability, and flexibility. It is also a great way to help prevent injury. Even Steph Curry had to get back to the basics with balance training to help out his ankles.

Balance training can be as simple as standing on one leg, or as crazy as Mike telling you to do a Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Clean and Press. Even better: his new Plyo Lunge Single Arm Cable Row! You might even have Page telling you to do a Wall-Plank Shoulder Touch (yes, it is hard to keep your feet on the wall). These dynamic movements are meant to test and develop a specific level of balance.

The more that your balance is pushed, the better you can get at it.

All the muscles necessary to stand upright are involved with your balance. When balance training is complemented by strength training, you will be able to decrease the potential of sprains, arthritis, or tendon problems. Teaching or re-teaching your body balance is your brain telling your body its sense of position in space which strengthens your neuromuscular bond.

Practices like Yoga, Tai Chi, golf, and soccer all have a strong basis in teaching balance. We try to incorporate balance into your training in the overall endeavor of helping you in the best way that we can. Balance is part of our everyday lives and you can work on it even if you aren’t with us at the time. Here are some ways that you can incorporate some balance training in your daily Life:

  1. Stand on one leg for a minute while brushing your bottom teeth, then switch legs and repeat for the top.

  2. Get in and out of a chair without using your hands (if that isn’t a challenge enough for you try doing it with only one leg)

  3. Heel to Toe walking like you are on a tightrope

  4. Playing catch with your kids while you both stand on one leg


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