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Should women use Creatine?

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Creatine seems like it has always gotten a bad reputation over the years with the perception being it is an artificial performance enhancer. Yes, it is manufactured to an extent, but can and do get it from natural sources, namely meats and our body naturally produces it too.

Being in and out of a lot of commercial and private gyms, I had always heard people talking about the supplement creatine. For the most part, all I was told was, that it was only for men. The more research I did, the more I learned that we can benefit from creatine too!!

The number one myth about women taking creatine is that it will make you buff and most women don’t want to look manly.

The more muscle a person has the more fat they are going to burn. Therefore, if you are looking to lose weight, resistance training is going to be a key component in your training. Creatine is designed to help your muscles get the nutrients they need to perform, recover, and grow. If you are looking to lose weight, creatine can help you get lean!

The biggest side effect that women have to overcome when taking creatine is bloating. This isn’t going to be like your typical “monthly bloat”. Creatine causes your muscles to store more water. So, the more muscle you have the more you are going to notice the water weight bloat. When I take creatine, I carry anywhere from 4-6lb of water weight. Don’t panic! When you stop taking creatine you will lose the water weight and then you will be able to see the true progress that you have made.

Creatine has many benefits that will aid in your recovery and your training.

  • More energy

  • More muscle stamina

  • More intense muscle contraction

  • A better “pump”

  • Better muscle recovery

  • Increased strength gains

These are all benefits that you can notice and feel during training. Seeing this improvement will also help you be more mentally and emotionally invested in your training.

The recommended daily dosage is anywhere from 3-6g per day. I would also recommend cycling your creatine. I would take it for about 4-8 weeks and then cycle off from anywhere between 2-6 weeks. Creatine is proven to be a safe and powerful supplement in the fitness industry. If you are looking to get stronger and lose fat, this is supplement you should be taking to aid in your success!


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