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Meet Shane Jenne

Hello beautiful people, I am glad to be a part of the PAC -- again! My name is Shane Jenne. I am 28 years old and from Washington, IN, a small town in southern Indiana. I have recently transitioned out of the US Army where I served for five years as an Infantry Officer at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. After a deployment to Poland, Kuwait, and Syria, I separated in the rank of Captain. I used to be a Coach at Phoenix A+ Coaching back in 2017 and I am ready to get back after it using what I gained from my military experience!

I am excited to bring to PAC my extensive experience in media to provide engaging social media content to all of you!

A few fun facts about myself is that I got interested in fitness from undergoing my own fitness journey. In college, I lost over 70 pounds of fat and wanted to know how I could help others create and accomplish their goals as well. I become the first personal trainer at Webster University and created my own position there training students, facility, and staff as well as sitting on the board of the Wellness Committee.

Also, I started playing bass guitar at the age of 8. I played in the church band for years kick-starting my interest in audio production. I got involved with Theatre Tech in high school where I helped produce several plays and musicals then went on to Webster University to record studio and live music ultimately focusing on Acoustics and Psychoacoustics.

B.A. Audio Production, minor in Media Communications @ Webster University




A few peer-reviewed articles for the National Strength and Conditioning Associations publications.

“Meeting Your Clients Where They Are – How to Nest Your Goals with Theirs”

“Talent Management – Roles and Responsibilities and Structuring Platoon-Level Physical Training”

“Implementing Strength Training to Improve Ruck March Capacity”


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