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Introducing: Stephen Duff, PAC Trainer!

Say hello to the newest face around PAC, Stephen Duff!

Stephen will be joining our coaching staff here shortly, so check out his bio in order to get to know him a little better. Welcome to the PAC family, Stephen!!

"I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and that’s where my love of sports first began. Starting at a young age I played many sports including, soccer, rugby, gymnastics, gealic, hurling, and running. When I graduated from high school I decided to take an opportunity to play soccer in the US. I attended Lindenwood University playing soccer and rugby while working towards a degree in Sports Management. At Lindenwood, I met my wife, Katie, and in June we welcomed our daughter Delaney. On completion of my education I had several jobs throughout the sports industry but never found something I loved.

While playing sports I noticed I only focused on the winning/competition side. As my college career ended, I finally was able to see how much I loved the training side. Over the past few years I’ve found a new passion for training and coaching. I started off coaching a youth soccer team and I continue to be a major contributor to my men’s rugby team the Royal Ramblers. I recently decided to continue my education and become a certified personal trainer.

In February 2019, I completed my certification and immediately began working at the YMCA and now Phoenix A+ Coaching. I have several goals I wanted to achieve with my new position and the first one is to help improve the lives of not only my clients but everyone who walks in the door of the gym. Another goal of mine is to continue to learn. Although I have grown up playing sports and working out I know I have so much more to learn. I’m excited to be a part of the Phoenix A+ Coaching team!"


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