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Gainz Killers

Inconsistent training comes from poor programming, which doesn't deliver results and sends your motivation into a tailspin. Poor technique, leading to irritations, injuries and lack of progress. People often pick and mix programming. They see ‘cool’ exercises on Instagram and try to cram them into their program which messes with their progress. Uncertain direction leads to trying too many new things and never giving yourself the opportunity to unleash your full potential.

Any of that sounds familiar? Below are some steps that can help you get over any hurdles and bumps in the road toward massive gains.

Inconsistent Training: This is one of the biggest gains killers there is. If your training schedule is inconsistent, you are not putting your body in an uncomfortable position and giving your body the stress it needs to make gains. One of the biggest reasons for this is accountability. I find that if you are not accountable to someone for your workout schedule then you will struggle with consistency, not always but it is a massive factor. Finding a workout buddy with similar goals is a massive step in the right direction and can help find that consistency or accountability. Another step that can be taken is finding a trainer that you trust and believe has your best interests at heart, and building a relationship with a professional in the space will take away the stress of uncertainty around training. The last person to ever see the results you are making is you, so keep persevering and you will start to see the gains.

Poor Technique: When you start working out, one of the most important things to do is nail your technique before adding more and more weight. The weight on the bar looks good, but with great technique comes great power. Learning the correct technique for any movement will help you to work towards lifting heavier weight and will help you avoid plateauing and having to take a step back to improve your technique at a later date. Without good technique, you could be on a road to irritations or injuries that really may set back your gains and lead to a lack of progress.

Pick and Mix Programming: Another contributor to your gains being slowed down or not moving forward is inconsistency with your programming. You may have the best routine in the world, hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, and still not making gains. If you are picking and choosing what you want to do then you will never reach the heights you should. If you are constantly flipping from one program to another then you are not doing either. Sticking to the plan set in front of you by your trainer, or the program you are following, will key you on the road to success. If you are in a program it is also very important that you stick to the numbers given, so if you are prescribed 85% for a workout, stick to it rather than jumping to 90% because you feel strong that day. The numbers are there for a reason and sticking to them might just be the key to success.

Uncertain of Goals: Making gains in the gym happens when we have a clear idea of what you want to make gains toward. Gains cannot be made if there is no vision of what the final goal looks like, the key to having a clear road or path to follow comes down to the clarity of what we are working toward. Make sure you have a goal that is clear and follows the guidelines of SMART Goal setting, then you will have a path and know what you want to work toward. I will attach a link below with a guide to how to set a fitness goal.

Author: Stephen Duff


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