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Benefits of Youth Strength Training

According to the CDC, childhood obesity is very common and affects 18.5% of children across America, the category it is most common in is the 12-18-year-old group which has an obesity level of 20.6% percent of the population. Creating active children can help to lead to more active adults and a healthier lifestyle.

As we grow physically, our bodies develop in different ways. Kids develop at astronomical rates, but not all kids’ development is the same. Some kids develop more physically and some develop more mentally and at different speeds across the board. One thing that we know for sure is that it is good for kids of any size to be active daily and exercise regularly. So, today I’m going to talk about exercises that are great to help children develop physically and mentally.

One of the best exercises or activities for kids to do is Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills. These SAQ Drills can be really beneficial as they translate to so many different aspects of life activities and movements that they may embark on as they get to grow older. SAQ drills come in many different forms, but they can help your child develop correct walking, running, and movement forms for many different occasions. It creates a solid base for functional movements. Drills such as wall marching, the speed ladder, and tall and fall, can help them have a great base for soccer, hiking, tennis, or any sport they may take part in. One of the most overlooked aspects of these types of drills is the mind/muscle connection. These drills can really put the mind to the test in regard to body control and hand/foot coordination with the eye. Having your child take part in these types of drills will only set them up for success in their future sporting or fitness endeavors.

Children are generally seen as flexible and nimble compared to adults, but what is overlooked here is that children don't always stay flexible and nimble as they get older. A massive contributor to the continuation of their flexibility and nimbleness is to learn to stretch at a young age. Over time as we get older and life comes at us fast, we begin to sit for school or work for large amounts of the day, leading to poor posture creating back, hip, shoulder and knee issues. Prevention for this is to stretch from a young age. To give those muscles some durability and the ability to avoid becoming tight over time. Youth stretching or yoga classes are extremely beneficial for kids and can help them with future injury prevention.

Another form of injury prevention comes by the way of bone strength. One great way to do that is to provide them with calcium and vitamin D dense food and beverages, but another way is to incorporate some resistance training into their day. Using resistance bands to pull, push and contract muscles can help children's muscles to build strength in many different ways. Running, jumping, hiking, and other sporty activities are also a great way to build strength in muscles and ligaments throughout the body.

With all that being said, it sure can be difficult for them to have an interest in something that they may not want to do or that their parents are asking them to do. Ensuring we encourage our children into fun settings where they can enjoy the experience and can help them work toward the benefits that they need for long term health. All of these activities are important to offer our children a platform for a strong and healthy future, coupled with a diet of healthy focused nutrition our future generations should have no issues with energy levels and enjoy their healthy childhood years.

Here at PAC we work with kids, young teens, and late teens, with our experience working with kids we know how to make it a fun environment and that they can really enjoy.

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Stephen Duff


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