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Travel Workouts

According to the vast amount of social media complaining, IG story thermostat posting, and sweat-stained clothing...

IT APPEARS THAT WE ARE SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUMMERTIME HEAT WAVE. Summertime = vacation and beach time, which doesn't always go hand and hand with juggling your fitness goals. I know how difficult it can be to prioritize your workouts during the summertime. The last thing you want to do on a relaxing, stress-free vacation is to hunt down a gym or go on a mad goose chase for a pair of dumbbells. That is why I am bringing you.. 4 TOTAL BODY TRAVEL WORKOUTS!!! These workouts use minimal equipment and allow for you to get a quick sweat sesh in without detracting too much time from your summer travel schedule! If you try one out, let me know how it goes! I would love to see how you are still making time to prioritize your fitness goals even on your summer vacation:)


  1. A Park bench or stairway

  2. Small resistance bands for leg exercises

  3. Large resistance bands

  4. Water so you don’t die in this heat

  5. A towel to prevent drowning in your sweat



  1. 10 bench/ stair-step ups each leg

  2. 9 resistance band bent over rows (as featured on the right)

  3. 8 banded squats

  4. 7 pushups

  5. 6 leg raises

  6. 5 burpees

  7. 4 single leg squats to a bench or step (each leg)

  8. 3 Russian twists each side

  9. 2 broad jumps

  10. 1 30second plank

The beauty of this circuit is that you can do it for whatever time you have available to work out! Set a timer for 15, 20, 30, or 45 minutes and execute it for as many rounds as possible (AMRAP). Do some dynamic hip stretches, arm circles, and shoulder shrugs to get your joints and muscles warmed up, and 5-10 minutes of static shoulder, hip, and leg stretches to cool down.


4 pairs of exercises. Complete 8 reps of each exercise before moving on to the second. Rest as little as possible and continue executing the pair for 8 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes before moving onto the next exercise group.

Total Work time: 40 minutes Pair I

Air squats Slow mountain climbers (8 reps total) Pair II

Pushups Jumping lunges Pair III

Banded shoulder press Sit ups Pair IV

In and out squat jumps Rotational plank (30 seconds)


(Every Minute On the Minute)

Set a timer for 14 minutes. At the top of the minute complete each exercise as prescribed.

Rest for the remainder of minute 1 and begin the three exercises again once you reach minute 2.

Repeat for 14 minutes.

*** NOTE, if you are resting for longer than 25 seconds, add 2 reps to each exercise. If you are resting for less than 20 seconds, decrease reps by 2-4.

8 Resistance Band Good Morning's (shown above)

6 plank pushups

(straight arm plank, drop down to your elbows, and press straight up... that is one rep)

4 Traveling Broad Jumps (think frogger jumps)

Finish with a core/ glute circuit. 10 banded monster walks each leg, 10 banded single leg glute bridges each leg, 10 deadbugs, and 10 bird dogs



Triset 1

Banded Overhead Squats 4x15 Resistance Band Pushups (shown above) 4x until failure Resistance Band Pullaparts 4x10 Triset 2

Tricep Bench Dips 4x failure Resistance band face pulls, high row, or lat pull (basically, find a telephone pole, stair rail, or another sturdy object that you can loop the band around and firmly secure it. Then, execute one of the above movements for 4x10-20 reps) Banded Bicep Curls 3x10-20 reps Superset 3:

Walking Lunges: 4x10-15 reps each leg Split squats :4x10 reps each leg Finisher: Suicides/ Shuttle Run Set up towels, balls, water bottles, rocks, WHATEVER YOU HAVE AVAILABLE as markers. Place them about 100-200 meters apart. Run to the first, touch the ground, sprint back to your starting point and repeat to each cone/ marker. Repeat 3x and rest 30-90 seconds before repeating.

I hope these workouts help you stay on track while traveling! If you would like a more detailed exercise regimen catered towards your unique goals and that is flexible with your summer schedule, I also offer online programming!

Reach out if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with! Until next time,


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