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Tips For Maximizing Your Personal Training Experience

Have you ever hired a personal trainer and had a very poor experience? You didn’t enjoy the experience? Or you didn’t come anywhere close to the goals you were trying to reach? Or maybe you have hired one and had the best experience ever? Either way, there are certain qualities and expectations in the relationship with a personal trainer that can make or break your experience.

When looking at the difference between some clients who succeed and some clients who experience a little more struggle than others there are a couple common difference. Having the following four qualities or characteristics with your personal trainer can not only make the experience more enjoyable but also more successful.

  • Open Communication

  • Consistency

  • Trust

  • Honesty

The first thing that you should have with your personal trainer is open communication. In order to get the exact type of training you want, the most enjoyable path to your goals, you must be completely transparent with communication. If you don’t say anything, how are they supposed to know what you really want and what’s most important to you? Ask questions to things you don’t know and things you would like to learn more about. Your relationship with your trainer is a partnership. They are there to help you. They are passionate about not only fitness but being a facilitator in your journey to success. The workout is only a fraction of the equation.

The next important aspect is consistency. If you are not consistent in your fitness journey then you will always take two steps forward and one step back. Training consistency is important. Generally, 2 times a week is the recommended baseline. If you plan to come 3 times a week but continually cancel and only come once a week it is a lot like swimming with weights on your ankles. It is MUCH harder to continue moving forward. Periodized programming becomes difficult for your trainer to organize and help you with. Then jumping back in a week later is a lot more difficult because your body doesn’t go through that type of physical activity enough to become acclimated to the weights. Therefore, you continue to struggle keeping your head above water and maintaining progress. The one who shows up the most and consistently will yield the most progress. You don’t have to die every workout but just put in a little bit of work each day. It will add up.

Trust is the next important key to reaching success. If you don’t have trust that your trainer has your best interest in mind, it will be evident and prevent you from completely buying in. If you are not completely in, you will be once again taking two steps forward and one back. Now, you are probably thinking trust is a two-way street. And it is. Your trainer is trusting you as well. They are trusting that you are being completely honest. They trust that you truly want to reach your goals and the other 165 hours a week you aren’t in the gym than you are making choices to further your progress. Trust will create a foundation of strength that can’t be acquired from lifting weights.

Lastly, honesty with each other is very important. If you go home after a workout and smash an entire pizza but come in for your next work out and say you had chicken and broccoli and don’t know why you aren’t losing weight to reach your goals, there isn’t anything your trainer can do to help that. It is common misconception that trainers eat healthy all the time. Trainers are humans too. They experience the same feelings, struggles, cravings, and stressors that you do. They are more than likely a lot more understanding than you would expect them to be. But they can’t begin to help you until there is honesty in all aspects of your partnership.

Sometimes coming to the gym and just working out isn’t enough. Health is lifelong. It doesn’t just stop or start based on where you are or are going in life. Health is an everyday thing. Being vulnerable and creating a strong partnership with your personal trainer is the first stepping stone in your fitness journey. It could make the marathon of


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