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The Importance Of Setting Goals In Life

This article coincides with one we did a couple of weeks back called Be Happy Now!!!

Goals and how you set them is one of the most important things you can do to grasp life and take action.

One of the common issues with goals is that we set them long term and don’t think of the process. We don’t see the results we want right away, so we fall off the wagon and will subsequently stay in the vicious cycle of setting goals and giving up. And this does not make us happy. We attach our happiness to our goals.

It becomes our identity. We don’t reach a goal and we think less of ourselves because of it, without looking at all of the work that’s put in to move towards that goal.

I like to look at goals like money. People say money doesn’t make you happy. In my opinion it’s the same when it comes to fitness. Hitting a certain weight won’t make you happy. I hear clients say “I’ll be happy when I hit xy lbs.” The thing is, when you hit that goal or if you hit that goal, (I say if because if you’re like me goals change all the time) you’ll have to set another goal or you’ll lose momentum and slip back to your old ways.

At the point when you reach a goal, you will be dissatisfied. Not unhappy, but dissatisfied and it’s OK to be dissatisfied, but to be unhappy because you didn’t reach a goal isn’t right. So if identifying that hitting a goal equals happiness for you, you will never be happy.

So, do you not set goals?

No, you still set goals because without setting goals in life you have no direction.

I ask clients, what is it about hitting that weight that will make you happy? The answers vary from time to time, but it normally comes down to, wanting to feel more confident, having more self worth and generally how they view themselves. This should not be the case!

We can choose to be more confident and have more self-worth. We do this by taking action.

Everyday doing something that is moving us forward, progressing us towards our goal. Say you do hit that goal. Do you instantly become more confident because of a damn number? No! You gain the confidence because of your progress, because of the work you have put in, the time, the effort, the sacrifices, the things you have learned.

The person you become on the road to achieving a goal is more important than achieving the goal itself.

Another reason people feel they won’t be happy until they reach their goal is, they don’t feel grateful for what they have already. This happens with money too. You must feel grateful for what you have in order to attract more of the same.

Be happy that you can walk, run, jump, go to the gym, play with your kids, have no major impairments or illnesses. It’s OK to want more, but first you must have an attitude of gratitude for what you have now.

The point I’m trying to make is, set your goal, write that goal down, focus on that goal, but more importantly do something every day that is going to progress you toward that goal.

It is in this process you will find your happiness. It is in this process of progress that you will find happiness.

I hope this helps


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