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The Importance of Community

What is a community?

The definition of a community is “a fellowship with others, as a result as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, or goals.”

The definition of a community is very important when it comes to being part of a gym community. Being part of the community is not necessarily something that you sign up for, but it is something that once you begin to see and hear the goals, interests, and attitudes of others at your gym, you automatically become part of the community. At Phoenix A+ Coaching we have a great supportive community that approves and welcomes others like you. Without this community, the camaraderie, the banter, it is more challenging for people to hit their goals and stay committed to going to the gym on a regular basis.

Community gives a sense of belonging which can be hard to find especially at a big box gym. This belonging is not just something you feel at the gym, but also outside of the gym. Your community can be there for you when you may be feeling less than motivated and they can be there to help inject a sense of fun into your day.

Benefits of a gym community?

The benefits of a gym community are essential to aspiring toward your goals. Your community is there to support and push you toward your goals and gives you the motivation when you are lacking the motivation to keep going.

Accountability, in my opinion, is one of the most important benefits of community. It is easy if you are going to a big box gym with a lesser or no community to blow it off and skip out on the gym because you know that you will not be missed or most likely no one will notice that you didn’t show up. At a gym with a strong community, if you miss one session you may get a text from another member asking some questions, but if you miss more or feel like you don’t want to go, that feeling of letting your community down will give you that extra motivation to get to the gym that day.

Your gym community will always be there when you need it, for example when you are attempting a Personal Record (PR) they will always give you support and push you to be successful. The support comes in many different forms, from nutrition to work goals, from tragedy to celebration. Your gym community, when you need it most, will be there to support you.

For some, your community can provide motivation through friendly competition. While at PAC we rarely overtly compete with others, watching someone else kick some ass can be the inspiration and motivation you need for that day or secretly it could be every day, but watching others push themselves naturally pushes you to the next level.

Becoming part of the community

Whether you are at a big box gym or at a smaller private gym, the benefits of the community are very important and can help you achieve things you never thought you could do. Being part of the community takes a commitment from each person in it to give it life. So, when you are at the gym and feel that community vibe, take it and be part of it, engage. It may help push you to your next PR and eventually your goal.

Stephen Duff


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