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Online Training vs. In-Person Training: Pro's & Cons

Before comparing training methods, choosing to train is better than choosing not to. A sedentary lifestyle is something we can all agree is dangerous and life-ending. Regardless of which option someone chooses, working out and eating healthier will have a positive impact on physical and mental health. This life change will not only improve your life but also positively affect those around you. Who knows, maybe it will encourage someone along the way.

Now, let’s talk about what both options have in common:

Online training and in-person training will help you reach your health and fitness goals, if utilized correctly.

The main purpose of having a personal trainer is to help you not only achieve your goals but also improve your quality of life. Life can change in an instance, however, all of us want to keep what benefits us in one way or the other. Having both options of online and/or in-person training gives you flexibility of adapting to your lifestyle. Working out and staying active should be an important aspect of your life, since your life depends on it Here are some pros and cons of online training and in-person training.

Pros of Online Training:

• More freedom to train when and where

• Variety and great quantity on content regarding exercise techniques as well as sessions and nutrition

• Less expensive

• Receive advice and feedback from an expert coach.

Cons of Online training:

• Lacks feedback on form of movement (learning the correct movement technique mitigates injury)

• No guarantee on feedback or when you receive feedback

• Quality of feedback is based on the quality that you provide. Limited check-ins provide less opportunity for feedback,

• Might have limited equipment & limited on exercise options (may need to modify in the moment)

• Lack of accountability

Pros of In Person Training:

• Real time feedback on form of movement.

• Guaranteed and immediate feedback.

• Quality of feedback is high because of seeing your personal trainer and having contact with them outside of personal training sessions.

• Higher variety of equipment

• Accountability from your personal trainer, training partners, and the physical location itself.

• Opportunity to meet people with the same goal as you, as well as make new connections and friendships.

Cons of in-person training:

• Possible limitations of the times available to train.

• Gym closures due to Holidays, bad weather, etc.

• More expensive

In conclusion, each version of training has pros and cons. As mentioned, the most important point is for you to start, start moving, get off the couch, and get going. Past that point, it is matter of availability and preference on how you want your training to take place. Also, there is hybrid programs available to which you have the option to train in person and complete at home workouts. Personally, I prefer in-person training. The motivation and accountability I get from physically having to be at the gym with my own trainer brings me a slice of happiness. I get to leave all my responsibilities at the door of the gym and just focus on my wellbeing. I personally have a hard time with at home workouts since being at home represents my place of peace, my place to relax.

Jesus Vicente


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