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Meet Pac's newest trainer-Dominique Nevarez

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

My love for fitness started at the age of 8 years old when I began Taekwondo. Unfortunately for my mom, she had no idea when I started Taekwondo that I would grow to love it so much; I would spend every day after school practicing and every weekend going out of town for competitions. As my love for the sport grew and I attained my black belt, I began to fight at national and international levels. One of my favorite experiences of my time practicing TKD was co-teaching summer camps of 4-10-year-old students.

As I got older and had to get jobs to support myself, I was no longer able to practice Taekwondo. I started working at a Panda Express for a couple of years and gained 60 pounds! I had no idea how to work out, outside of the sport I loved so much and knew I had to do something to make myself healthier. This is when I began attending a BodyPump class with my mother at my local YMCA. After just a few months of consistently attending BodyPump classes I not only began to see results, but I began to fall in love with exercise all over again. My VERY pregnant BodyPump instructor at the time noticed my passion for fitness and asked me if I’d be interested in teaching her class while she was on maternity leave. I left her class that night and signed up for the soonest BodyPump instructor certification available.

When I began teaching BodyPump at my local YMCA, I was still very much under the impression my career path was business and I attained my associate of science in accounting from St. Louis Community College. While exploring a more corporate business environment I quickly discovered a “desk job” was not the career for me. My heart lied with the people I got to see in my classes every night and I dreamed of the day when fitness could be my full-time job.

As I searched for the best way to follow this career path, I have also studied under NASM’s personal training program and am hoping to become a certified Yoga Teacher in the future. My passion for coaching comes from my love for helping others and I am beyond grateful to have found such a caring team!

Dominique Nevarez


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