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Importance of Learning New Skills

The importance of learning something new is key to the growth of your body and mind. If you do not look to learn something new regularly, things become stagnant and begin to feel stale. Learning something new does not have to be an extension of something that you already do or know. It can be something brand new that you have never experienced before. The real growth of learning something new comes when you start from scratch and build something great from nothing. You may find a passion for something you never knew existed.

Expanding your horizons can involve any scope of life. It could be a skill that you can learn in your current field of work that may reap monetary returns based on the added value provided. It could learn a new skill in the gym then it may take your workouts to the next level. Learning can be anything from reading something new and gathering a new perspective on life or learning how to kick a soccer ball correctly. Today, I'm going to list some of the benefits of learning something new.

  1. It will help reduce boredom during those days when you have a few minutes to spare or find yourself looking for something to do. Working on a new skill is perfect for filling those gaps.

  2. It makes you more adaptable. Learning new skills makes it easy to learn more new skills and this is something that is very valuable to have as a member of a team environment. In some cases, jobs can twist and change regularly so being able to pick up new skills fast will make those twists and turns much easier. This means that you are open to change.

  3. You have more options to choose from. This is something that can be very valuable in the gym. It will give you more variety in your workouts and give you the change needed to reach a level you have never reached before.

  4. A sense of pride and accomplishment. Nothing feels better than how you feel after completing something that was daunting to you before you started. For example, if you don't feel confident changing a light fixture in your home and you change it and it all works out then you feel that sense of pride. Learning a new skill can give you that feeling. The process may take a little longer, but you will be happy you did it.

  5. It keeps your brain challenged and healthy. With the additional work capacity you are putting on your brain to learn these new skills, you can increase the amount of myelin on your brain. Myelin is the white matter in your brain and as you learn new skills it can become denser.

  6. Your knowledge will stay relevant, if you begin to learn about newer and better things you will stay relevant with new trends. We all know how fast the world can change, so having the ability to pick up new skills will help you stay in the loop.

Learning something new is something that takes some time. It is not a one to a two-day thing so it takes patience to complete the loop of beginning to end. Time spent working on your skill is important so don't estimate how much you need to spend on achieving the skill. If you decide you want to pick up a new skill in the world of exercise please reach out to me and we can get started on your journey.

Stephen Duff


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