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Getting sick: Is it all in your mind? Part 2

How do we eliminate chronic stress?

The short answer to this question is to change our thoughts. We must throw away all the beliefs about our bodies, what they can do and what they can’t do. I mentioned earlier that 90% of doctor’s visits are stress related illnesses. What do doctors do? They prescribe medicines that “fix” the issue, but what the medicines do in many cases is perpetuate the problem because only the symptoms are being treated and not the cause. We are suppressing the bodies ability to heal itself by inundating it with drugs with side affects out the wazoo.

Here is a prime example. Everybody is familiar with the placebo effect right? We can trick our bodies into thinking it can do something based on an external stimulus.

Try this. Imagine an orange. Go to the fridge and take out an orange. Grab the cutting board and cut the orange in half. Then cut those halves in half. See the juices run down onto the cutting board. Now, grab one of those quarters of orange and take a big bite out of it.

By this time your mouth should be watering. This is proof that we can make our body activate our autonomic nervous system by the power of our thoughts. If we can make our mouth water by visualizing can we heal ourselves when we are sick or even before we get sick by using the same technique?

Some of us are skeptics and will say no because you have never heard of or seen it done before and/or you are closed minded and will only follow what general society tells us we are capable of. Think about it. If we can make our mouth water and it affects our autonomic nervous system, what about when we chronically have negative, toxic thoughts? What effect is that having on the body? What if we changed our thoughts to tonic, positive thoughts? What effect would that have on the body?

Here’s the thing. If you suffer from dis-ease, illness, aches and pains or allergies all the time, would you want to change that? Wouldn’t you like to be free from that suffering if you had the choice? You do have a choice, but it means doing some work on you.

What work do I have to do?

By no means am I saying, toss out all of your medication and start doing these things and you will be miraculously fixed in 45 minutes. This might piss you off, but we are manifesting our own dis-ease by the thoughts that we think. There is no stress in the world, only stressful thoughts. If you can develop a routine or rituals that you follow on a daily basis and that support you parasympathetic nervous system (the one that helps us rest and digest) we can seriously decrease our risk for dis-ease.

When spring rolls around, instead of thinking, “oh no, my allergies are going to kick in and sideline me from life”, change the narrative to “my body came from nature therefore I am one with nature. I love nature and my body can fight any allergies ”. Sounds stupid right? What's the alternative? Continue to suffer? What do we have to lose? The choice is ours because clearly what we have been doing isn't working.

If we continue with a victim mindset, we will continue to get sick, but if we change to a forgiving mindset we can heal. We have the power to heal, we just have to believe it.

I haven't been sick in 2 years and here are some rituals I perform daily (almost) that I believe keep me healthy.

  1. Cold shower in the morning

  2. Journal (morning and evening)

  3. Pray (on the way to work)

  4. Set intention for the day (on the way to work)

  5. Practice breathing techniques (on the way to work)

  6. Exercise at least 20 minutes

  7. Meditate/Yoga/Stretch at least 10 minutes

  8. Connect with other humans

  9. Eat real food at least 80% of the time

  10. Sleep at least 5 hours

Without these things, my thinking becomes toxic and sickness is inevitable. This is what works for me and if I do get sick I will ensure I use these more diligently to heal myself.

Find what works for you to live a healthy, happy life.


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