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CORE Expectations and Why We Need Them

Today we are going to talk about your core. I do not mean your core as in the muscle group, but as in the fundamental aspects or beliefs that make you who you are. For some people, it is easy to identify the values and principles by which they live. However, for some others, this is not a simple task. In today’s society it is natural to live on autopilot. We develop behaviors that follow norms and standards in order to be considered “positive” or “active” members of society. Since we are young, our parents told us to go to school, get good grades, get into college, find a good job, get a house, and have a family. I am not saying this type of life is bad, I am just trying to point out that there is a common narrative that most people are told to follow. It is then when it is easy to lose purpose and intention. We live every day by just going through the motions, and naturally, falling victims of the routine. We forget about living each day intentionally. Living a day where we are excited about obstacles,

where we don’t fear change but instead embrace it. A day where we aim to learn something new and work on our growth in all aspects of life.

Very few people live a life that is full with practices that puts them in control of their life, that makes them the pilot of the airplane rather than the passenger. Living as a passenger in the vehicle of your own life leads to feelings of boredom, unfulfillment, and unhappiness. That is why it is essential to have daily expectations for yourself, or how I like to call them, CORE expectations.

CORE expectations are things you commit to do every day, no matter what. What type of things? Well, that depends on each individual. The idea is to develop habits that help you work in whatever aspect of life you want: fitness, finances, personal and professional growth, spirituality, etc. For example, the past couple months I have been committed to developing myself both personally and professionally, so I have 3 CORE expectations set in place each day: 10 minutes of reading, one podcast, and messaging members on my leadership team. Three simple things that could be so easily overlooked because of how minimal they are. Yet, when performed daily for a long period of time, will end up stacking and generating the major change I want.

CORE expectations can also be applied to health and fitness. Examples could be: 10 minutes of stretching every night, breathwork before bed, 10 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of exercise every day, etc. Whatever you want it to be. Just make it small, and commit yourself to it. Once you start to honor the expectations you have for yourself on a daily basis, you will develop a stronger mindset and better self-image. So commit to yourself, after all, you are the most important person you have in your life.

Dani Ruiz


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