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Attributes of resilient people

“The ability of people or things to recover quickly after something unpleasant, such as shock, injury, etc.”- Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford dictionary uses the word “recover” in its definition of resilience, this is important because it states that something unpleasant is going to happen to everybody, and how you recover from that shows how resilient you are. Everyday people show resilience and it can be in small bite-size pieces but we all have the ability to be resilient. A small unpleasant traffic jam on the way to work can be something that you show resilience and from there can build on your day. Today I’m going to talk about some attributes of resilient people.

  1. Resilient people view difficulty/obstacles/down-turns/setbacks as a challenge or something to get over and not as a paralyzing event. The first example I gave of the traffic jam on the way to work is a small setback that everyone around you is also dealing with, this is something common that happens regularly and your thought process during this event can set up your day in the right direction or the wrong one.

  2. They look at their failures and mistakes as lessons to learn and as opportunities for growth. They don’t view them as a negative reflection on their abilities or self-worth.

  3. Resilient people are committed to their lives and their goals. Staying committed to goals is something that everyone struggles with, if you don't fail on the way to your goals then your goals are not big enough. Failure is a part of the process and fighting through those failures and staying committed shows resilience.

  4. Their commitment isn't just restricted to their work, they are committed to their relationships, their friendships, the causes they care about and stand for.

  5. Resilient people use their time and energy to focus on taking actions in every situation and event that they have control over. They do not bother about what they cannot control or is beyond them right now.

  6. Although their big picture is always in their sight, their main focus is only on the immediate action rather than the results or outcomes

  7. Resilient people accept a set-back, mistakes and failures without blaming others or dwelling over these events.

These are all attributes that a person who is and always will be able to continue the daily grind of life. Everyday one of these can or is used, Even if it is unconsciously, you are fighting to be a better version of yourself.

Author: Stephen Duff


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