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A Brief Guide to Circuit Training

Physical activity keeps people healthy and in shape. However, a busy schedule can make maintaining a regular workout routine difficult. Circuit training is a practical way to burn calories and improve muscle strength even when you don’t have much time to spare for a full workout session. Learn more about this option in the guide below.

What Is Circuit Training? 

This workout routine targets specific muscle groups using minimal rest periods between each exercise. In addition to enhancing endurance and muscular strength, circuit training burns around 30% more calories than workouts involving weights.

When you spend at least 10 minutes in each step, you boost cardio-respiratory performance. Since each stage takes so little time, this is a practical workout for busy people. 

What’s Involved in Circuit Training?

It includes cardio, upper body movement, and lower body exercises. A professional trainer should design a routine tailored to your specific goals and fitness level.

Cardio exercises are meant to help you burn fat, especially around the midsection. Your trainer may advise you to sprint at full speed for one minute. Jumping rope, running, cycling, and stair-climbing are other examples of cardio workouts.

Exercises for the upper body enhance muscle strength in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back. They typically involve push-ups, tricep dips, dumbbell curls, and shoulder presses. To work out the lower body, you must engage the muscles around the hips, legs, and knees. Most lower-body exercises incorporate lunges, squats, and calf raises.

If you want to try circuit training but don’t know how to start, Phoenix A+ Coaching in St. Louis, MO, will help you. This gym has personal trainers well-versed in strength training, athletic development, and group fitness training. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, they also offer online fitness classes to help you stay fit. Call (314) 449-1172 to join, or visit their website to learn more about their training programs for beginners.


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