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7 Steps to Balancing Your Life

I just happened to sit down and read a magazine today (Muscle and Fitness). Amazingly enough, I found the inspiration for this article from KC Mitchell’s story and his outlook on life. KC Mitchell is a former Army Staff Sergeant that lost his leg during a tour in Afghanistan. On Instagram he is @that1legmonster and his pictures speak volumes about his resolve. In his one-page article he talks about three main things; workaround setbacks, find balance, and be internally motivated! The one that spoke to me the most was how he talked about is a discipline in balance.

KC Mitchell believes that it is a tougher endeavor to balance a lifestyle of hard training with whiskey and good eats moreover than going 100% one way or the other. That the balance is hard and takes discipline but he wants to still live his life with his daughter and still train hard. He knows that if he is going to do one then he must do the other. Going out to eat pizza with his daughter equals time in the gym or riding bikes with his daughter.

I can guarantee that we can all relate in some way. AND that we all know that balance can be difficult. SO let's talk about balance. Let’s talk about how it is an ongoing process that will never be completed. Balance is not an endgame or a task to be checked off a list but it is a discipline that is practiced day in and day out. It is a process!

Here are 7 steps to aid in the balancing of your life:

1.Take an assessment of your current life.

To understand what you need to work on then you need to put all the cards on the table to get a full picture of what is going on. Dig deep and take a good look at every aspect of your life, spiritual, financial, physical, mental, etc.

2. Prioritize

What is most important to you? Is it just in that moment or a constant in your life? Take a critical look at your assessment and write down what is most important in each category of your life.

3. Set both long-term and short-term goals

Be specific! Be as specific as possible with setting your short-term and long-term goals. Being specific will lead to clarity of your vision to lead you to have balance. Stay away from vague goals because they will only cloud and dilute your vision and your process of balance.

4.Pay attention to your health

Plain and simple, we are more productive and happier when we get adequate sleep, eat healthily, and be active/exercise on a regular basis.

5.Make a conscious decision to want the change and to have a balance

The only way that change works is if you want it to. If you truly want to work on balancing your life then you need to choose to do so. No one else can do it for you.

6. Make time to reassess yourself

To make sure you are perfecting the process of balancing your life you need to reassess from time to time to make sure you are achieving your vision. Now keep in mind that your vision may change and then the reassessment can be used to realign your priorities and correct your balance.

7. Remember that accomplishments AND failures are a part of the balance

We all have had successes and failures throughout our lives. Unfortunately, we all too well forget one or the other along our paths in life. We may forget a failure from our past and then repeat it in our present. Then again, we may be shrouded with failure that we forget our successes or that we do not even see the small successes that we have accomplished.

Bonus tip: If you constantly focus on your failure, try to notice small moments of success. Pay attention to what that success feels like. And then keep trying to find that positive feeling whenever you can and hold onto it for as long as you can. Eventually, if you work on it enough it will balance out.

Michael Keane


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