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6 Keys to Muscle Recovery

One of the common misconceptions about muscle recovery is that you can't stop the muscle pain from a good hard workout, but with good preparation and a plan you can help to greatly diminish that pain and get on the road to recovery before your workout has even begun.


One of the most important things to do regularly is drink water. Not just for someone who is exercising regularly, but for all people this is key for your day. Drinking water is essential before, during and after your workout. Water helps the body with waste removal and is key to your body starting the recovery process right after your workout. Replacing the lost fluids within 30 minutes of your workout will put you on the road to better recovery.


Protein is another thing that can be used before and after a workout to give you energy and a better recovery process. Before a workout, eating some protein can give your body something to fuel itself for your workout. After your workout, protein can start the rebuilding process and get to work on the recovery of your muscles.

Foam Roll

One of the most underrated muscle stimulators is foam rolling. Many times people use foam rolling for recovery post workout. But, in fact it, it can be very beneficial to foam roll prior to your workout to start the recovery process. Foam rolling is a good way to activate your muscles so that while you are working out you can move more efficiently and use all the muscles needed for a movement.

Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining is something that can be done unintentionally. It is easy to overtrain when you are going to the gym 5-6 times a week and putting in hard work while you are there. One key to recovery is rest and that starts by taking a day off from the gym. Another way to avoid overtraining is incorporating a deload week into your routine. A deload week every 4-6 weeks can help your regain focus and help push past a plateau and achieve your goals.

Ice Bath

One of the least popular ways to recover for muscle soreness and inflammation is taking an ice bath after your workout. The reason it is not too popular is because it can take some guts to sit in an ice bath for up to 10 minutes. In regards to its effectiveness, it will help reduce the soreness and inflammation of your muscles with almost immediate effect. Ice baths are also great for injuries and injury prevention.

Good Sleep

One of the most important things to do in order to function properly as a human is to get plenty of sleep. Not just for muscle recovery but for the brain, organs, immune system and every part of your body. Sleep is key. One of the main advantages of getting good sleep is the boost in hormones that are secreted during sleep. They can help with muscle growth and muscle recovery.


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