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3 Common Myths About Fat Loss

Sooooo, every once in awhile we need to talk about myths and have them debunked so that we all stay on track with our fitness goals. Have you ever heard anyone say that they didn’t sweat enough or that their nutrition hasn’t been perfect or that crunches are the key to your flat abs? If you have then you have been subject to either bad advice or been talking about common myths all on your own.

1. Nutrition must be perfect to get results

The fact of the matter is this, our bodies are not 100% efficient so it does not matter if you are not perfect with your nutrition. It is more important to understand the way food works with our bodies and just try to make the best choices with our nutrition with the options available. Dr. John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition team has taught us that it is just as important to enjoy our food as it is to making healthy choices. If you want to eat a piece of pizza, do so, and enjoy it. There is nutritional value in that slice and the rest you can just burn off throughout your day. Do not beat yourself up for having that pizza slice because research has proven that if you negatively think about what you eat that your body will in turn negatively process that food.

2. The more I sweat the better

Now that we have eaten our slice of pizza it's time for the gym! Did you know that you need to sweat and it needs to be for at least for 45 minutes to have a health benefit? Ya know the sweatier the better? BOTH would be False. Sweating is not an indicator of burning calories it is our biological response from being overheated. It is our cooling system. Now it may accompany some vigorous activity that is burning calories and can go in conjunction with burning calories, but you do not need to sweat to burn calories. Which means that if you just go on a 10 minute walk to help your cardiovascular system and you don’t sweat that you still did something to help benefit you to your healthy lifestyle. And yes, I did just write that a 10 minute walk can benefit your health. You don’t always need to have 45 minutes to an hour to get a good session in to benefit your health. If you have a spare 10 minutes then you have enough time to go for a walk or a quick session that will benefit your health and get you that much closer to your fitness goals.

3. Sit up = Abs

Speaking of our goals, I know that a lot of people's’ goals are to have a flatter stomach. Well, I hate to burst that bubble, but crunches or even sit ups are not the key to getting there. Now they will help with making your abs stronger, but they do very little calorie burning to aid in fat loss to get your thinner physique. Exercises like burpees, farmers walks, and clean and presses will help you get to that physique. Using more muscle group movements burns more calories because more is being demanded from your body to fulfill the movements.

I hope everyone has a great day and thank you for reading!


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