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Youth Training Program

This is an Introduction Program to the Basics of Health and Fitness. Kids will learn the base foundation of proper movement, nutrition, and tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. They will receive 1-on-1 coaching in a semi-private setting, nutrition guidance, and have a blast while doing it

Block of Sessions 8 -$160

Block of Sessions 12 - $240

Block of Sessions 24 - $480

Block of Sessions 36 -$720

Starting at


Phoenix A+ Coaching helps athletes ages 8-16  reach performance and competition goals with a personalized approach.

Based on package selected

Ages 8 - 16

Sports Specific (Soccer, Golf, Volleyball, Football, Tennis and more)

Strong focus on reducing the risk of injury through Corrective Exercise, Stability, Mobility and Flexibility

Performance enhancement through Speed, Agility, Power Development, Strength and Conditioning 

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